Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Birth

Pinoy on board, how did it begin? The concept of pob came to me when my second son was born and I kept buying those yellow triangle sign that says baby on board. One day I printed a sticker with the word pinoy and stuck it on top of the word baby to make the sign say pinoy baby on board. At that time I was running a website but I really wanted a .com website that features pinoy life in America but was taken already as well as I did not want to compete directly with by getting so was a safer bet because is a travel agency website. While I was hanging the newly created pinoy baby on board aign in my car it just clicked! I checked if the domain was available and it was. POB was born. POB in the beginning was a pinoy lifestyle website. I wrote the articles myself. I had to chase stories and my main focus was pinoy nightlife. I asked myself, where would a young single pinoy/pinay go to meet other single pinoy/pinay? So, I started searching the internet and I ended up getting a promoter gig in nyc nightclubs like exit, sound factory, and vinyl among others. Then through one of the pinoy yahoogroups, I saw event postings for pinoy band gigs so I started going to those and wrote articles about it. I started getting to know the band members, djs, promoters and club owners. I stood out because I used to be the only one with a camera running around. This was before smart phones came out, the nokia 3310 days. I used to stay out friday and saturday nights and come home before sunrise the following day. My exwife was not too happy. She did not understand what I was trying to do. I was out chasing stories and she thought I was chasing skirts. I was loyal. Until one day when she did not come home on valentines day no call no show. That was when the lion got out of the cage. Then I started chasing skirts while getting the stories. PFV was the place to be at that time. That was my hunting ground. The owners and the staff knew me there. PFV was one of my web design clients. Kuya Fred contacted me after I wrote some articles about their events. I ended up renting a room with them when I got separated. I shifted the business model after the website hosting company raised their prices and I cannot afford the overhead anymore. I was forced to change web hosting carriers and unfortunately the new hosting does not have a directory software so I stopped the directory service and focused on making POB a web design company. Then Wix and the likes came out. I closed up shop and turned off the website.

Now, I'm trying to revive the brand. This time using social media like youtube and instagram.

I figured that I will use the brand to tell my life story through vlogging.

What took me so long? I am camera shy and I am not photogenic. But I do not care about that anymore. I just want to tell and share my story and hopefully I can bring joy and happiness to someone's life.

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